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21st day. Villares de Orbigo to Rabanal del Camino

May 3, 2013

Thursday 2013-05-02

Walked from Villares de Orbigo to Rabanal del Camino, 34 km

Started at 07:20 and finished at 15:00

Total distance covered: 541,0 km

Remaining distance: 236,0 km

Enjoyed the small albergue in Villares de Orbigo. A young couple started this albergue last year and are still building it. Decided to walk direct to Astorga and have lunch there.

bild (1)

After lunch I continues to the famous building in Astorga desgined by the architect Gaudi. The building is known as Bishop’s Palace.

bild (2)

Today I walked with Meta from Germany. We have stayed at the same albergues a couple of nights. We decied to meet in Rabala del Camino. This is the same place I got the treatment for my leg last time.

bild (3)

It was a very cold night and we got extra blankets for the night.

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