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22nd day. Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca

May 3, 2013

Friday 2013-05-03

Walked from Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca, 25 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 14:00

Total distance covered: 565,5 km

Remaining distance: 211,5 km

The albergue in Rabanal del Camino is on 1150 m altitude. Meta and I started to walk uphill. Suddenly Meta told me that my backpack and I was all wet. I stopped and checked. My waterbag had leaked out over one liter of water, so all my stuff was wet. Nothing to do about this then. We continued to an albergue in Foncebadon for a coffee. This albergue is located on 1440 m altitude and is the highest albergue on the whole camino.

Then we continued to Cruz de Ferro, which is the iron cross where you supposed to drop a stone from home. It is on 1504 m altitude. This mountain is the highest point on the camino.

bild (4)

After the top came a 15 km long stretch downhill. Actually s drop of 1000 meters. We walked on the road instead of the gravel path, which is quite strenious when it is steep. As we came down the weather improved and was really nice when we came to the albergue in Molinaseca. Same place as I stayed last time.

The albergue is called Santa Marina.


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