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25th day. La Laguna to Triacastela

May 6, 2013

Monday 2013-05-06

Walked from La Laguna to Triacastela, 24 km

Started at 06:30 and finished at 12:15

Total distance covered: 647,5 km

Remaining distance: 129,5 km

It was dark when we started. After 20 minutes we reached the border to Galicia.

bild (1)

We stopped in the albergue of O’Sobreiro for a coffee. We then walked another 4 km to the Pilgrim Monument at Alto San Roque at 1270 m altitude.

bild (2)

I thought we passed the highest point on this moutain, but no after another 3 km came a steep uphill to Alto do Polo at 1335 m. On top there was a bar where we had something to drink while we recovered from the steep ascent.

Meta and I discussed whtere we should continue passed Triacastela, but it would mean another 3 hours walk. we decied to stay in Triacastela at same albergue I staid at last time.

We had some drizzling rain all day and it looks to be the same tomorrow.

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