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20th day. La Virgen del Camino to Villares de Orbigo

Wednesday 2013-05-01

Walked from La Virgen del Camino to Villares de Orbigo, 29,5 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 13:45

Total distance covered: 507,0 km

Remaining distance: 270,0 km

My ribproblem is getting better. Last night I really slept well and woke up already 05:30. Took it easy stayed in bed and went up 06:20. My finnish friend Sanya said we could have breakfast together. She made some tea and went to the fridge to take her sandwich, but it was not there. She got very upset. I gave her a piece of my bread. We decided to meet up in Villares de Orbigo, about 30 km walk for today.

No rain today and the sun came up. It was a nice walk. I had my first coffee after 9 km, about two hours from star. I came to the bar at 09:00 and it was not open. Thye man heard me pull the door and cam and opened the bar. Orange juice and coffee tasted good.

Later I passed Vilar de Mazarife, where I stayed on my latest Camino.


Now a long walk until I found my next stop in Villavante. I stopped for a beer.

Walked through the town of Orbigo, which has the longest and best preserved medieval bridge in Spain.

At 13:45 I finally arrived to the Albergue in Villares de Orbigo.

We had a nice dinner together.


19th day. Mansilla de las Mulas to La Virgen del Camino

Tuesday 2013-04-30

Walked from Mansilla de las Mulas to La Virgen del Camino, 27,5 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 13:45

Total distance covered: 488,5 km

Remaining distance: 298,5 km

My 19th day is the first day of rain. After walking a couple of kilometers in drizzle I decided to pull out my new rain poncho, which I bought in SJPdP. I am really satisfied with it. It covers the backpack and have long arms. It gives good protection.

bild (7)

Today the goal for many pilgrims was Leon, but I just stopped for a drink and continued on. It was only 5 degrees, so when I finally arrived to La Virgen del Camino it was nice to take a hot shower.

I haven’t taken any pictures lately, but it is little complicated when you have the rain poncho. I will try to improve this.

18th day. El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas

Monday 2013-04-29

Walked from El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas, 19,0 km

Started at 07:40 and finished at 12:00

Total distance covered: 451 km

Remaining distance: 326 km

I slept well in my single room. Went to the cafe downstairs and had coffee and juice. Had to walk 13 km on the senda before there was a cafe, where I could stop for a break.

Came to Mansilla de las Mulas. Planned to stop for lunch only at an albergue, but it looked OK so I ecied to stay for the night even though it was only 12:00. They had a deal with 20€ for bed, dinner and breakfast. There were several people I met before, so we had a nice evening together.

17th day. Terradillos de los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero

Sunday 2013-04-28

Walked from Terradillos de los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero, 31,7 km

Started at 07:00 and finished at 14:30

Total distance covered: 432,0 km

Remaining distance: 345,0 km

I am walking alone since Burgos. Started early. Weather is cold, but no rain. The next three days I will be walking on what is called “senda”. This is the gravel path beside the highway. It looks like this:

bild (1)

When there is traffic I plug in my iPhone and listen to a book. The book lasts 2-3 days.

Later in the day I stopped in Bercianos del Real Camino at a new pilgrim cafe with WiFi. Had a beer and a toast. Called Mariann.
Last time I walked I stayed in a small hotel in this town, but now I decided to walk another 8 km.My ribproblem is still bugging me. I called a classmate, who is a doctor. She told me there is nothing you can do. Just eat painkillers.

In the afternoon I arrived to El Burgo Ranero. I took a single room there for 25€. I thought that was a good deal. I t had asmall bathtub I could enjoy.

16th day. Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios

Saturday 2013-04-27

Walked from Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios, 25,8 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 13:30

Total distance covered: 400,3 km

Remaining distance: 376,7 km

On my 16th day I have passed the halfway point. Feels good. The days are going fast. The walking on the camino has now become a familiar process of getting up at 06:30, packing your backpack and getting some breakfast in the orning. Today it was a long stretch of 17 km before the first town, but out on he middle of the meseta someboday put up a stand selling coffee and fruit. It was quite chilly and windy today until the sun came out warmed up a little bit. Passed Ledigo were I stayed last time and where I walked the wrong way in the morning. Today I am staying in a modern albergue and have not decied yet how far I will walk tomorrow. Three more days and I will be in Leon just before the May 1st holiday.

14th day. Hontanas to Fromista

Thursday 2013-04-25

Walked from Hontanas to Fromista, 32 km

Started at 06:40 and finished at 14:45

Total distance covered: 355,5 km

Remaining distance: 421,5 km

Nice weather. Walked alone. First coffee in Catrojeriz. The a long uphill stretch to Alto de Mostelaros. Terrific view from here. (pictures later).
Stopped in Itero de la Vega. Met Sanya from Finland. Next stop was Boadilla del Camino where I stayed last time, but the albergue was not open yet. Had a tortilla and a beer at the next albergue, before my last leg for the day. I was pretty tired coming into Fromista, where I planned to stay. I fell on my face.

Some people saw me and came to help me. My lip was bleeding and I had pain in my chest on the right hand side.Finally I found the albergue. After shower, washing clothes and something to eat I went to bed and stayed there rest of the day and all night.

bild (3)

15th day. Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

Friday 2013-04-26

Walked from Fromista to Carrion de los Condes, 19 km

Started at 07:40 and finished at 12:15

Total distance covered: 374,5 km

Remaining distance: 402,5 km

Felt a little better this morning. I stll had some pain in my ribs on the right side. Stopped several time for coffee and juice. I walked slower than normal. It was good it was only 19 km today. I arrived at 12;15 and checked in at Albergue de Santa Clara, which belongs to the local parish. I got a single bed in a 3-bed room. Seems to be OK for 7€.

Today I met a family with two daughters riding on donkeys. Probably on the way from Santiago de Compostella.

bild (6)

13th day. Burgos to Hontanas

Wednesday 2013-04-24

Walked from Burgos to Hontanas, 31,5 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 13:45

Total distance covered: 323,6 km

Remaining distance: 453,5 km

Walked out at 07:10 from the hotel. 9 degrees when walking through Burgos. Alone first day in many days. The other people decided to take a rest day. Today I have been listening to one of Joe Nesbo’s books. Today was one of the longest walks so far 31,5 km. It took me 6,5 hours, but good conditions no steep uphills today. The albergue, El Puntido is the same I stayed in last timme. Very good.

bild (4)

12th day. Ages to Burgos

Tuesday 2013-04-23

Walked from Ages to Burgos, 24 km

Started at 07:10 and finished at 12:15

Total distance covered: 292,0 km

Remaining distance: 485,0 km

Started with a coffee at 07:00 Then Lars and I walked quite fast over the hill and got a terrific view of the valley and Burgos in a distance.


After going through a couple of villages we finally stopped for coffee and usual spanish omelette.

We had to walk over 10 km through industrial areas and suburbs until we finally arrived in Burgos at the same hotel I stayed on my latest camino.

bild (2)

Prices have changed in Spain due to the bad economy. This hotel costed 40€ last time and is now 35€ incl. breakfast.

Lars and I then visited the cathedral. This is a 13th century cathedral and is among the most beautiful of Spain’s many cathedrals and one of the largest.

bild (1)

I guess our crowd will be broken up now. Some people are staying an extra day in Burgos, but I plan to continue tomorrow morning. We had a dinner together.

bild (3)

11th day. Belorado to Ages

Monday 2013-04-22

Walked from Belorado to Ages, 27,5 km

Started at 07:20 and finished at 14:15

Total distance covered: 268,0 km

Remaining distance: 509,0 km

Lars and I started together after a brekfast at the albergue. Today we started to talk about our medical deficiensies and medicines. I gues this is what you do when 65+ plus men meet. In the third village, 8 km from start we had our first meal. Coffee, spanish omelette and orange juice. This has now become a standard for us. After 12 km the uphill stretch started. First quite steep up to 900 m and later climbed to 1162 m. Nice view up there. Here is a picture of Lars.


Then we walked a long stretch through the woods until we finnaly arrived at San Juan de Ortega. Stopped for a beer and some sallad. Then we had only 3,5 km to our goal for today, Agés.


We are staying in nice small albergue, El Pajar de Ages.


El Pajar in Ages is an excellent albergue.